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Allyship Workshop

Interactive 2 hour workshop on allyship. We discuss how to be a better ally to friends, colleagues, family. We discuss othering and privilige and there are resources to take away.  

Black In Britain

1 hour or 2 hour workshop on mental health in the black community. Formulated from my work with Black Minds Matter this workshop looks at the range of traumas suffered, intersectionality of self and others as well ways to look after ourselves after a tough 20 months for black lives in Britain and abroad. 

Testimonials - 25/10/21 - 'Josh, thank you for expertly guiding us through a thought-provoking workshop and discussion on Allyship for our colleagues and being so open with sharing your own experiences. Some really great honest conversations and reflections from our colleagues'.

14/12/20 - 'The ffedback has been great and I think the staff found it extremely useful and insightful. We will probably re-run this session again next year'.

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