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About Roots Counselling

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At Roots we work with you and your needs in defining the path of therapy you wish to take.

Roots was founded in 2019. 

Roots' lead Counsellor Josh works with adult and children from all backgrounds in a non-judgemental environment, and works from your lead on the best path forward for you to achieve your goals. 

We believe that community is important in creating the conditions in which mental health becomes a normal topic of conversation.

Through working with a range of people, it is clear that there are people suffering in silence. If you are struggling to cope then Roots can help. We want to hear what's going on for you. There are so many factors and variables that impact our lives, we can lose ourselves amongst the demands of everyday Life. Self-care is a facet of our Lives that can be easily overlooked or not prioritised when actually we need to put ourselves first from time to time. 

 Roots looks forwards to announcing some community initiatives in which to encourage positive  mental health conversation.  

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or behaviours, we have a crisis Counsellor that can be here to support you and listen to you during this difficult time. Together we can create action plans, and further support advice to help you come through this period.


If you are worried about someone who you feel may be struggling with suicidal thoughts or behaviours then you can email the link at the bottom of the page or head over to other support services if the need for help is more immediate.

Providing support for the struggles/issues you are facing is what Roots was created for and we are here to listen to you.

 When choosing a therapist, there are so many choices and factors to consider and there are so many therapists that we at Roots advise checking out counsellors and seeing which one you connect with. One of the most important factors in therapy is the therapeutic relationship between Client and Counsellor and so taking the time to choose a therapist that you feel most comfortable with can help make the difference in achieving your therapeutic goals. 

Our Counsellor:
Josh MacNab Dip.Couns, (MBACP)
Josh Logo.jpg

My background as a Counsellor has been working with adults and children in bereavement services and schools. I fully believe in the strength of the human spirit, that we have the power to heal, to overcome difficulties and challenges facing us, and grow, taking the positives from these experiences. I've opened Roots Counselling to adults, young people, and children to offer help and support in the community for you, whatever you're going through.  

If your present life situation is difficult to cope with, talking through problems with someone who listens can be the catalyst for inspiration, change, and growth. To talk and be heard is a step in the direction of healing. I've experienced many clients say they don't want to become a 'burden' or that friends will get 'bored' if they unload their problems onto others. This can be harmful and it can lead to a belief that their problems don't matter when nothing is further from the truth. 

I offer a bespoke approach to your problems with a non-judgemental ear to closely understand what you're going through. The depths of your struggle may seem impossibly steep on your own but together we can can find a route forward that works for you. 

As a Counsellor I employ strict confidentiality and the counselling room is a safe environment to discuss what challenges you are facing. I am able to work both long term and short term depending on your needs. 

Qualifications and Experience

  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 

  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies 

  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

  • Assist Suicide first aid trained (Papyrus)

  • Suicide Awareness trained (Papyrus)

  • Bereavement training 

  • Place2be Counselling Children training  

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