10x sessions of CBT for £150

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

For a short time only I am offering 3x clients 10 sessions of CBT for a one-off payment of £150.

Sessions of CBT usually stand at £60 per session.

What is CBT? 

It is an intervention that is evidence-based that looks at the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how they are impacting your current Life. 

The evidence-based bit means we will work together to record the impact of thoughts, behaviours, and feelings and work towards a solution. This does include the use of tasks to do outside of the therapy room that are discussed within each session - don't worry you are not graded on any of this, it is all exploratory work.

What is CBT good for?

Like any therapy, it has it's advantages with certain mental health challenges and disorders than others and these have been researched and evidenced. CBT has proven to be effective with sufferers of anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and more.


What is the difference between CBT and integrative approaches?

Both approaches are collaborative, the difference will come in the form of using evidence based resources, so thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are recorded and at your choice we work towards your goals using tools, psychoeducation, and bespoke techniques for you to help identify, explore and cope effectively moving forward.


Get in touch for more info - it's a first come first served basis.   





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