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Roots Counselling

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We specialise in working with traumatic experience(s), anxiety, depression, childhood maladaptive behaviours and accredited in working with  suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Welcome to Roots Counselling, a place for you to explore your roots and your life - it's past, present, and future. At Roots we work with you and your needs in defining the path of therapy you wish to take. 

Other Support

Roots Counselling is passionate about supporting those in need of help. In the event Roots Counselling is not the service for you, or if you want to speak to someone urgently we have compiled a list of other services available. 

Click here for our Suicide Risk and Awareness page

Click here for Other Support Services

“The past is a place of reference not a place of residence, the past is a place of learning, not a place of living” - Roy T Bennett

Roots Counselling Approach

At Roots, you will be provided with a non-judgemental environment in which we aim to build a trusting, therapeutic relationship in which you can discuss with us what is going on for you. Exploring the past can lead to an understanding of how and why you are where you are and this is taken at your own pace. Unlocking some of the unconscious drives that have impacted you can bring great insight and a platform from which to build yourself up.  

Lead Counsellor, Josh, can support you when you are in of Counselling support and also specialises and is accredited in Bereavement Counselling and Counselling clients with suicidal ideation or behaviour including self-harm. For more information on these areas visit;

About Roots or Contact Us

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